Princess Margaret Shaped Our Horoscope Obsession, Meghan Markle is Proof

When Meghan Markle recently appeared wearing two diamond zodiac necklaces representing her children earlier this

When Meghan Markle recently appeared wearing two diamond zodiac necklaces representing her children earlier this month, it affirmed her belief in astrology. Like millions of us, admittedly or not, Markle probably reads her horoscope, and she has Princess Margaret to thank for the modern-day astrological forecast.

When Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister was born in 1930, the Sunday Express commissioned astrologer R.H. Naylor to predict the young royal’s future. The story was such a big hit with the British public that the newspaper made birthday predictions a regular column. Rather than focus on individual birthdays, the clever Naylor created predictions around the ancient 12-star signs—grouping those born in certain months in their astrological sign—and attributing personality traits to those signs. This sparked the golden age of astrology—and newspapers and periodicals the world over established regular horoscopes columns.

In Princess Margaret’s day, people anxiously awaited their astrological forecast in newspapers or magazines (some even withheld making big decisions until they had the forecast), but today with the internet, we have access to countless astrologers and soothsayers 24/7.

The interest in astrology, not surprisingly, has soared during the pandemic “when people were searching for greater meaning and connections,” says Susan Miller, an established astrologist and author, whose website attracts more than 10 million visitors per year. “People have always been into their horoscopes, but some were quiet about it. It’s no longer a secret.”

Whether you are true believer or not, everyone seems to be on board with the zodiac jewelry trend, which also took off during the pandemic, too. It’s hardly a new trend, but it appears that numerous jewelers have also turned to cosmos to create zodiac signs in their signature style. These spiritual “feel good” pieces have been summer’s bestsellers and have been spotted on celebrities from Hailey Bieber to Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

It’s more than just style trend, says Logan Hollowell, the Los Angeles-based designer who created Meghan Markle’s zodiac necklaces.

“People are becoming attuned to the reality that we are more than this life—we are all connected with energy, the universe, truly everything around us. Zodiac signs are a physical reminder of that and so much more on an individual level.” Hollowell’s first jewelry design in 2015 was the Big Dipper Constellation. “I have always had a fascination with the cosmos. When I was little and looked up at the sky, I always felt a sense of peace and a connection to ‘home’ in the stars.”

Designer Matthew Harris of Mateo only recently became a believer in the cosmos. “Growing up Jamaican and from a very religious family, I was far removed from astrology,” the New York-based designer explained. But five years ago, his friend Shereen Campbell (owner of My Little Magic Shop) read his chart and changed everything. “It was so accurate it was scary. I saw things she mentioned coming to fruition.” Since then, Harris has quarterly astrology readings and checks in before every big decision. That stargazing enlightenment also translated into a new collection of zodiac jewelry.

It appears that Naylor’s 1930 predictions for Princess Margaret’s was also fairly accurate. He predicted that around her seventh year there would be a momentous event for the royal family and Great Britain. He nailed it: The year before her seventh birthday, Edward VIII abdicated the throne making her father the King of England and changing the course of her and her family’s life.

Nearly a century after Naylor established present astrology forecasts, many of us still make our decisions and plans around our horoscopes. If that doesn’t suffice, you can always wear a great zodiac jewel to show your commitment to the cosmos.

Here are some of our favorite zodiac pieces.

Libra Diamond Constellation Studs

Logan Hollowell


Hollowell’s modern minimalist approach features the constellations in a graphic style.

Zodiac 9-karat Gold Diamond Necklace

Stone and Strand


Simple and chic zodiac charms are personal expression: you can pile on your sign along with those of close friends and family to keep them near.

Zodiac Coin Ring



This richly engraved zodiac coin is a personal heirloom.

Aries Constellation Diamond Pendant



A chic diamond constellation pendant necklace will deliver good vibes any day.

Diamond and Aquamarine Aries Zodiac Mushroom Necklace

Brent Neale


Brent Neale’s colorful mushroom pendants are emblazoned with zodiac symbols—which make them even more magical.

Baby Leo Medallion



This little lion is such a favorite symbol that you might want to wear it even you aren’t a Leo.

Cancer Zodiac Coin Pendant with Diamond Frame

Anita Ko


A statement-making pendant that sparkles with diamonds, Ko’s zodiac symbols can be engraved with a personal message on the back.

Sagittarius Zodiac Pendant Necklace

David Webb


David Webb’s double-sided zodiac pendants are carved in hammered gold and appear like ancient treasures.

Mini Capricorn Zodiac Medallion

Briony Raymond


Capricorns should consider this versatile gold pendant that can be worn on a chain in layers of necklaces or on a bracelet.

Zodiac Small Libra Necklace

Jemma Wynne


Go high style with this gold pendant with a modish diamond zodiac symbol.

Constellation Aries Pendant

Robinson Pelham


The cosmos are never far away when you are wearing Robinson Pelham’s diamond studded constellation pendants.

Turquoise Zodiac Necklace

Helena Rose Jewelry


Bright and playful, this turquoise pendant is like gazing at the sky sparkling with constellations.

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