If Your Closet Is A Mess, These 46 Things Are Life-Changing

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Almost everyone could use more closet space, along with some help getting clothes, shoes, and everything else organized. Thankfully, there are lots of genius things to maximize closet space on Amazon, and you’d be amazed by how a few simple items can totally transform your closet from chaotic to clean in no time.

From space-saving hangers and shoe racks to helpful storage bins and trays, this list is packed with solutions for the organizational problem that’ve been plaguing you. There are also things like a motion-sensor LED closet light and air purifying charcoal bags to make the closet bright and fresh. And since no one who’s organizing a closet needs the added stress of complicated assembly instructions, these products are all super easy to put together. In fact, many of them require nothing more than hanging on the closet rod or door.

Whether you’re organizing the closet in the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, these clever products will maximize space and make things easier to find. They’re not quite the same as Cher’s closet from Clueless, but these life-changing closet organizers are the next best thing — and with Amazon’s super-fast Prime shipping, your closet is only days away from getting a major makeover.


These Space-Saving Hangers That Keep Your Pants From Wrinkling

Make the most of closet space by storing multiple garments on one space-saving hanger. Made from sturdy stainless steel, each S-style hanger is coated with nonslip silicone to keep up to five pairs of pants, skirts, and other garments in place while also reducing wrinkling. “I have a very small closet and these are a life saver,” wrote one reviewer.


This Sturdy Closet Organizer With 5 Roomy Shelves

It doesn’t get easier to create extra storage space than with this hanging closet organizer. The durable, non-woven fabric organizer has two sturdy hooks that fit over standard closet rods, and there are five roomy shelves that can hold bulky items like sweaters and towels. The closet organizer also has two mesh pockets on each side where you can store small items.


An Over-The-Door Organizer With 4 Large Pockets

This sturdy over-the-door organizer features four large pockets with clear windows, making it easy to find what you need. The organizer hangs easily on any standard door, and it’s great for storing a range of items around the house, from spices in the kitchen to toiletries in the bathroom. Choose from six colors, including classic black or gray (pictured).


This Wall-Mounted Organizer That Holds Brooms & Mops

Keep mops, brooms, and other cleaning supplies neatly organized and off the floor with this wall-mounted broom holder, which can hold up to 35 pounds. The easy-to-install broom holder has five spring-loaded handle slots for brooms and more, and there are six sturdy retractable hooks to hold rags, dustpans, and other small items, too.


These Tank Top Hangers That Are Great For Bras, Too

Made from long-lasting stainless steel, these space-saving cami hangers are great for hanging bras, tank tops, and other delicate items in the closet. Each hanger has 16 hooks and holds at least eight garments at once, freeing up drawer space and making it easy to find items, too.


These Shelf Dividers That Create Neat Stacks In The Closet

These easy-to-use adjustable shelf dividers slide over any standard shelf to instantly create convenient storage sections. Each durable fabric shelf divider is 12 inches tall and keeps large stacks of clothing, towels, and more neatly organized. Choose from bronze or platinum.


An Over-The-Door Organizer With 5 Adjustable Baskets

This over-the-door adjustable organizer offers a customizable way to store pantry items, toiletries, and more around the house. The sturdy steel organizer has five adjustable basket shelves so even tall bottles will fit, and you can hang the organizer over the door or mount it on a wall — either way, both hooks and screws are included for easy installation.


These Clever Shoe Slots That Double Your Storage Space

Stack your shoes and double your storage space with this 10-pack of shoe slot organizers. These durable units have four adjustable heights to hold everything from flats to heels, and the nonslip surface and raised edges keep shoes in place. Choose from black, white, blue, or multicolor.


This Double Closet Rod That Adds More Hanger Space

Increase your hanging space with this easy-to-use double closet rod, which fits on any standard closet rod. The sturdy chrome rod makes the most of unused space beneath your clothes, adding a second level of hanger space closer to the ground. “Hung perfectly in my small closet and allows me to have two “levels” to hang my tops, skirts, and pants,” wrote one reviewer.


A Retractable Clothes Rack That Folds Down When You’re Not Using It

This retractable clothes rack creates extra storage space whenever you need it, and it’s great for drying clothes, too. Made from lightweight and sturdy aluminum alloy, the wall-mounted folding rack holds about 60 pounds. Plus, the clever clothes rack has four moveable hooks for holding small items like handbags and umbrellas.


This Easy-To-Install Closet Maximizer With An Adjustable Rod

Add needed extra storage space with this hanging closet rod, which is expandable to handle pants, shirts and accessories. The middle bar can be moved up or down, doubling up on your existing closet space. This simple setup is easy to install and customize without having to use any tools.


This Magnetic T-Shirt Organizer That Keeps Shirts Neatly Stacked

With this magnetic T-shirt organizer, your tees stay in one neat stack and are less likely to wrinkle. The easy-to-assemble organizer attaches to the wall with a bracket (you can use screws or double-sided tape) and there are 10 durable magnetic trays to hold folded shirts. Whenever you want a particular shirt, just lift the trays for easy access.


This LED Closet Light With 2 Motion-Sensor Settings

Brighten up dark closets with this easy-to-install motion-sensing LED closet light. Featuring 78 bright, USB-rechargeable LEDs, the closet light has two motion-sensor settings — one will turn on anytime motion is detected and the other only turns on when motion is detected after dark. You can also set the closet light to always be on or off, and it’s available silver or space gray.


These Hanging Laundry Hampers That Keep Clothes Off The Floor

Save floor space and sort your clothes with these clever hanging mesh laundry hampers. The large laundry bags are made from durable polyester canvas with mesh panels, and they come with removable stainless steel hangers. When it’s time to do laundry, the bags are easy to tote using the convenient carry handles.


A Hanging Purse Organizer That Holds 8 Large Bags

Handbags and other small items stay tidy in the closet thanks to this affordable hanging purse organizer. With eight clear vinyl slots and a hanger that rotates 360 degrees, the durable purse organizer makes it easy to grab the bag you want while getting ready and keeps the dust off of them, too. “It’s very sturdy and fits large bags,” noted one reviewer.


These Large Linen Storage Cubes With Removable Dividers

Keep all sorts of items organized and out of sight with these foldable linen storage cubes. Sold in multicolor four-packs, each durable storage cube has a removable center divider and dual-sided Velcro lid. The large storage cubes also have reinforced handles for extra portability.


These Natural Air Purifying Bags That Remove Odors & Excess Moisture

Keep the closet smelling fresh and remove excess moisture with these popular air purifying charcoal bags. Each durable fabric bag is filled with natural bamboo charcoal, which is nontoxic and free of artificial chemicals and fragrances. The air purifying bags are easy to hang in the closet with the included stainless steel hook, and each bag works for up to two years — just place the bag in sunlight once a month to refresh it.


This Plastic Tray Organizer That Hooks Onto Wire Shelves

Designed to work with almost any wire shelves (including ones in the kitchen), this closet tray organizer quickly adds under-shelf storage with no tools required. Made from BPA-free plastic with raised sides that hook onto wire shelves, the tray organizer has five clear compartments that are great for storing clutches and other small accessories.


A Baseball Cap Organizer That Attaches To Any Hanger

Place this durable baseball cap organizer on any hanger for a convenient way to store your caps. The flannel base attaches with Velcro and is equipped with 10 stainless steel clips that hold caps without leaving marks or creases. “An awesome way to organize hats,” one reviewer wrote.


An Easy-To-Assemble Rack That Holds 6 Pairs Of Boots

Storing boots can be tricky, and this easy-to-assemble boot rack offers a sleek solution that keeps your boots in tip-top shape. Featuring a sturdy steel frame, the heavy-duty shoe rack fits most types of boots and can hold at least six pairs — some reviewers have been able to fit a few extra pairs, too.


These Thin Velvet Hangers That Save Space & Stop Clothes From Slipping

Prevent clothes from slipping off the hanger with these space-saving velvet hangers with notched shoulders. Sold in a set of 50, the black velvet anti-slip hangers are strong enough to hold 10 pounds each, and since they’re ultra thin, you can tightly pack clothes in your closet. Plus, reviewers report the velvet doesn’t shed or leave marks on clothes.


This Dual-Sided Hanging Organizer With 42 Mesh Pockets

Get double the amount of storage space with this dual-sided hanging closet organizer. Made from durable Oxford fabric, the hanging organizer has 21 mesh pockets on each side which are great for storing socks, underwear, toiletries, and other small items. It’s attached to a removable hanger with 360-degree rotation for easy access to both sides of the organizer.


These Clothes Hanger Hooks That Double Your Closet Storage

These clever clothes hanger connector hooks let you hang twice as much on one hanger. The durable plastic hooks can be added to most standard hangers, creating a cascading storage system for additional clothes and accessories. “I’m able to easily double up the amount of clothes I can fit in my closet,” raved one reviewer.


This Belt Hanger Rack With 11 Sturdy Hooks

Keep belts, ties, scarves, and more tidy and snag-free with this durable belt hanger rack. Made from sturdy plastic with a nonslip rubber coating, the smooth rack has 11 hooks for storing accessories. The space-saving belt hanger has a hook that rotates 360 degrees for easy reach, too.


These Clear Space-Saver Bags That Are Airtight & Waterproof

These travel space saver bags are great storage solutions for seasonal items like bulky sweaters and quilts. The eight-pack of bags — four large and four medium — have double-zip seals and offer a waterproof, airtight seal without needing a vacuum pump. It’s an easy way to store and protect items, and since the bags are clear, you can quickly find and pull whatever you need out of the closet.


These Compression Cubes That Hold Lots Of Clothes

You can store a lot of garments in this lightweight compression packing cube set, which includes a large, a medium, and a small cube. Made from durable nylon with mesh panels, these packing cubes are a great space-saving way to store clothes in your closet — and they’re life-savers when you’re traveling, too. Choose from 10 colors, including classic black and bright tangerine. There are bigger and smaller bundles, too.


A Hanging Cubby Organizer With A Built-In Garment Rod

With four roomy cubbies and a built-in garment rod, this hanging closet organizer provides lots of storage without sacrificing any hanger space. The fabric hanging organizer is so easy to set up, too — just slide the included chrome rods into the top loops and hang the organizer on your closet rod. “It is made nicely and very easy to put together – took less than five minutes,” noted one reviewer.


This Laundry Basket That Collapses For Easy Storage

This collapsible laundry basket folds down flat for super easy storage in the closet. Made from BPA-free plastic with easy-to-grip handles, the space-saving laundry basket pops up whenever you need it. Choose from 17 colors including gray (pictured) and bright green.


This Velvet Jewelry Tray That’s Great For Organizing Earrings & Rings

Organize and protect your jewelry with this velvet jewelry tray, which has adjustable slots for a custom storage option. The clear glass lid allows you to see what’s inside quickly, and there are two safety locks to keep items extra secure. One reviewer wrote: “This is a really good piece to organize the jewelry that I wear throughout the week on a regular basis.”


A Swivel Storage Rack That’s Great For Towels & Pants

This sleek stainless steel swivel towel bar offers a flexible, space-saving storage solution for towels, pants, and other items. The durable towel rack has four arms that rotate 180 degrees, allowing you to move each bar from side to side and store things flush against the wall. Plus, the towel rack is easy to install and requires no assembly. Choose from a number of arms from two to six.


These Drawer Dividers That Keep Socks & Underwear Tidy

Keep socks, underwear, bras, and other small items neat with this set of fabric drawer dividers. Available in seven versatile colors, the set of four non-woven fabric bins have divided compartments for storing garments in easily accessible rows. They also work for accessories like belts and even craft supplies.


These Plastic Drawer Dividers That Make A Customizable Storage Grid

These plastic grid drawer dividers can be customized and cut down to your desired size, so they’re a great way to tidy up lots of little things like underwear or accessories. The set includes 12 white plastic dividers, which you can assemble into a convenient storage grid.


These Hanging Cubbies That Bring Your Items Up To Eye Level

With this stylish hanging closet organizer, your stuff stays neat and you have easy access to whatever you need. Made from a polyester-cotton blend with heavy board bottoms, the open-ended cubbies offer easy access, and a wardrobe rod lets you hang accessories below. Choose from brown and gray or ivory.


This Nail Polish Organizer That Holds 48 Bottles

Get your nail polish collection neat and ready for your next manicure with this popular nail polish organizer. Made from transparent plastic, the sturdy nail polish case holds up to 48 bottles, and there are adjustable dividers on either side where you can store nail files and other accessories, too. There’s also a convenient carry handle so you can quickly pull the case out of storage.


A Stainless Steel Clothes Hanger With Space-Saving Collapsible Arm

This space-saving stainless steel clothes hanger collapses out of the way when it’s not in use. The durable hanger is easy to install using the included hardware, and it has 10 hanger slots for storing clothing and accessories in one sleek location. Place it flat against the door when you’re not using it.


These Nontoxic Traps That Get Rid Of Pantry Moths

Protect your pantry with this set of nontoxic moth traps. Sold in a pack of six, the easy-to-use traps contain no insecticides — pesky moths are attracted to the glue trap with pheromones. “They worked very well, and my moth problem is now history,” noted one reviewer. Many reviewers have also used them in their closets.


A Wire Shelf Divider Set That Comes With A Hanging Basket

Create convenient storage compartments on your closet shelves with this wire shelf divider set. Featuring eight dividers with a triangle design that prevents spillover, the set is easy to install on any standard 12-inch wire shelf. Plus, the divider set comes with a hanging wire basket to tuck small items into.


This Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizer With A Shelf

This wall-mounted jewelry organizer offers a stylish way to store all your accessories. The easy-to-install jewelry organizer has a grid for hanging earrings, hooks for storing necklaces, and a removable rod where you can keep bracelets. Plus, there’s a built-in shelf that’s great for storing rings and other small items. Choose from five colors, including bright white and dark espresso.


This Slim 3-Tier Storage Cart This Fits In Small Spaces

For storage in tight spaces, this slim slide-out storage tower is perfect. The lightweight plastic storage cart with wheels has three baskets, holds up to 30 pounds, and makes the most of otherwise hard-to-use space. The compact cart comes in black or white.


These Velvet Clips That Are Great For Hanging Pants & Skirts

Designed to fit slim velvet hangers, these velvet accessories clips are great for hanging pants, skirts, and more. The durable velvet clips are available in black, ivory, or gray to match your existing hangers, and they can be used for any garment that needs extra help staying on the hanger.


An Extendable Hook That Lets You Reach The Corners Of Your Closet

With this helpful aluminum hook, you can reach items stored at the top of the closet with ease. The extendable device has a comfy soft-grip handle and extends for extra reach with no step stool required. One reviewer noted: “Love that I can easily reach my upper clothes rack to take down or hang up clothes without having to climb on a step ladder.”


A Sliding Tie & Belt Holder That Attaches To Your Wire Shelf

This sturdy tie and belt holder attaches to a wire shelf and has 28 hooks for your accessories. Best of all, it’s easy to slide out towards you to find just what you need. The durable coated steel tie and belt holder comes with the necessary installation hardware, and as one reviewer noted, “This was easy to install and made a huge difference in my closet.”


This Mini Dehumidifier That Gets Rid Of Mustiness For Up To 10 Years

Absorb humidity in the closet with this renewable mini dehumidifier that’s filled with silica gel crystals that absorb moisture. The dehumidifier works for up to one month at a time with no power required, but an indicator on the front lets you know when the dehumidifier needs to be plugged in and refreshed. It’s spill-proof and nontoxic, and you can use it for up to 10 years.


These Space-Saving Vacuum Bags That Are Airtight & Waterproof

These space-saving vacuum bags work with your vacuum cleaner to create airtight, compressed clothing storage on a hanger. Great for storing seasonal items, the four-pack of vacuum space-saver bags includes two large and two medium bags. Each bag has a color-changing zipper to show you when it’s sealed and ready to protect your clothing from dust, odors, moisture, and insects.


This Hanging Mesh Organizer With 5 Tiers Of Storage

Though it’s marketed for storing stuffed animals and other toys, there’s plenty of space for whatever you need to store in this five-tier hanging organizer. Made from durable mesh, the tiered organizer attaches to your closet rod in seconds using the Velcro fastener. Choose from 10 colors and designs, including navy blue and bright fuchsia. Some even have animal faces on them for extra fun.


A Freestanding Garment Organizer That Creates Closet Space Anywhere

This easy-to-assemble freestanding garment organizer creates closet space wherever you need it — even if you don’t have a closet. Featuring a heavy-duty frame and a breathable, zippered cover, the garment organizer has a clear window so you can easily see what’s inside. Choose from blue or white.

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