Business List, July 18, 2021 | Entrepreneurs

These applications for the expected trade name were submitted to the Champaign County Secretary’s Office.

These applications for the expected trade name were submitted to the Champaign County Secretary’s Office.

— Jackie’s Joys, 1303 A Fairfax, C, Jackie Pursley, same address.

— A. Co. A. Co, 4314 Doverbrook Court, C, Charly Franklin Kapela Pembele, same address, and CoCo Vapomodiri Kaya, same address.

— ADBEE Loan Care, 2614 S. First St., C, Anthony Bailey, same address.

— ADL General Construction, 2213 Rainbow View, U, Leonel Morales Martinez, same address.

— All sports training, 7 Canterbury Courts, C, Emery Williams, same address.

— Angie K. Eatery, 1213 Thomas Drive, C, Angela Smith, same address.

— B Smitty Cleaning and Services, 1502 E. Florida Ave., U, Marquisha Smith, same address.

— Black Thought Urban Media, 313 N. Mattis Ave., C, Dwayne M. Hubbard Sr., Same Address, and Seon Williams, 4406 Curtis Meadow Drive, C.

— CC Pastry, 3439 Stoneway Court, C, Clifton Reed, same address.

— Cloud Mountain Kombucha, 4501 Goldfinch Road, C, Kyle Schwenk, same address, and Aimee and Herman Baumgartner, 809 W. White St., C.

— Cocoa Turnip and Mustard Greens, 918 W. Vine St., C, Lizzie Mae Carter, same address.

— Dazzle Cleaning, 1806 S. Cottage Grove, U, Alicia N. Moffitt, same address.

— DP’s Beauty Supply, 510 N. Cunninghamm Ave., U, Diane Pye, 1208 Northwood Drive, C.

— Hunny Bunny’s 1501 Hedge Road, C, Joyce Catchings, same address.

— Japatt Sauces & Rubs, 2601 Fieldcrest Drive, U, John Patterson, same address.

— Joanne Candy Cart, 1912 Weaver St., U, Joanne Jones, same address.

— Joe’s Tacos, 1912 N. Willow Road, U, Claudia Valadez, same address.

— Johnmak Services, 2511 Southwood Drive, C, Jean Louis Makabu, same address.

— K’s Kandy & More, 1070 Pomona Drive, C, Kaneshia King, same address.

— Kyoot N Shek Jewelery, 510 E. Eureka St., C, Melissa Butter, same address.

— Lawn Doggs, 2108 County Road 2700 N., Giftord, Spencer M. Nicholas, same address.

— Lil Dee’s Daycare, 1208 Northwood Drive, C, Diane Pye, same address.

— Mockes, 507 S. Second St., C, Isabelle Zhao, 1410 Boyne Court, Normal.

— Morris Cleaning and Lawn Care Service, 1504 Philo Road, U, Ronald Morris, same address.

— Nesbitt-Howard Consulting, 903 Broadmoor Drive, C, Valeria Nesbitt-Howard, same address.

— Oestfreelancing Graphic Design, PO Box 5535, Rantoul, Sompit Oesterreich, 701 Willow Pond, Rantoul.

— Pearl’s Royal Inc., 1514 W. Green St., C, Jasmine White, same address.

— Peete’s Handyman Services, 104 Kenwood Road, C, Jason T. Peete, 1908 McDonald Drive, C.

— Photo Robinson, 1209 E. Florida Ave., U, Jeannine Madden, same address.

— Portal Entertainment Group, LLC, d / b / a First Gig Rock N Roll Camp for Kids, 201 S. Draper Ave., C, Thomas Grassman, Same Address, Peter Blackmon, 310 Oak St., Danville, Jeffrey T. Markland , 714 S. Lynn St., U, and Michael Esteves, 1503 W. Green St., C.

— Prairie Massage, 601 E. Main St., Muhammad, Jason Anderson, 801 Kimela Drive, Muhammad.

— Premium Solution, 1711 W. John St., C, Ivan Grant, same address.

— Purple Tree Boutique, 2304 Belmore Drive, C, Terra T. Larsen, same address.

— Q-ality Cultures, 1600 W. Bradley Ave., C, Roberto Quizon Jr., same address.

— Rayo Cleaning 2, 708 E. Sangamon Ave., Rantoul, Jesus Alonso Gonzalez Martinez, same address.

— S & M Professional Cleaning, 1600 W. Bradley Ave., C, Ashley N. Shaw, same address.

— S and D’s Kitchen, 314 E. Stebbins Drive, U, Dominique D. Sullivan, same address, and Sharon Hill-Turk, same address.

— Scrubz, 1301 N. Neil St., C, Chadton Winfrey, same address.

— Sunshine Second Hand Shop, 2 Fountain Valley, Rantoul, Norma L. Bonelli-Zook, same address.

— Synclerly Face & Body Co., 1547 Hunter St., U, Abrea Forman, same address.

— The Baby Nook, 507 S. Second St., C, Isabelle Zhau, 1410 Boyne Court, Normal.

— Time To Kleen Cleaning Service, 1426 Betsy Ross Drive, U, Erica Knight, same address.

— University Travel Group, 505 W. University Ave., C, Marshall Heriford, 19 Ivanhoe Drive, U.

— Wolken Family Crafters, 1817 Willow View Road, U, Paual Sue Wolken, same address.

— Your Worth Essentials, 900 S. Mattis Ave., C, Mahogany Turner, 1904 Sangamon Drive, C.

— ZK Prime, 506 Yalow Drive, C, Giovanni Auricchio, same address.