Bridesmaid Jewelry- How to Coordinate the Dress With Bridesmaid Jewelry

Have you ever wondered from where the “maid” in “bridesmaids” originated? Like many other wedding traditions, the history of the bridesmaid is quite ancient. During those times, maids’ attire resembled the bride’s, in order to trick evil spirits whose intention was to kidnap the bride.

Today, bridesmaids continue to show their loyalty to the bride, though today the goal is to show their friendship rather than to scare away little goblins. In addition to the selection of the bridesmaids’ gowns, choosing the right bridesmaid jewelry is also important. Here are some tips to select quality jewelry at rock-bottom prices:

1.Let your fingers do the clicking

Today we can buy virtually everything on the Internet. Shopping online can save you a tremendous amount of time and money, so you should certainly consider surfing the Net instead of sitting in traffic. This lets you avoid traffic jams, waiting in long lines at the store, getting trampled during sales, etc. Whether you are searching for a lovely Rhinestone Bridesmaid Jewelry Set or other jewelry, you can definitely find it on the Web!

2. Remember the neckline of the bridesmaids’ gowns

Bridesmaids’ gowns are available in several different necklines. Here are some common ones and excellent jewelry choices:

– Halter: disregard the necklace
– Strapless: simple styles, pearl bridesmaid jewelry, or crystal wedding jewelry
– Sweetheart: simple cz wedding jewelry (cubic zirconium wedding jewelry)
– V-neck: choker, single/double-string pearls, chain, and pendant

While you have several options for each type of neckline, some are more effective than others.

3. Ensure that the jewelry complements the bridesmaids’ gowns

While this is not an exact science, it is important for you to match up different jewelry materials, with particular gowns. Here are some general guidelines to follow:

– Pair pearls, silver, gold, or platinum jewelry with diamond-white gowns
– Pair pearls or gold with ivory gowns
– Pair pearls, silver, or platinum bridesmaid jewelry with white gowns

4. Always look for a better price

This is an excellent approach to take, because you can indeed always find a better price. Use the rule of three: collect at least three prices until you select your bridesmaid jewelry. Fortunately, comparing prices is much easier and faster with the Internet.

5. Remember the power of pearls

If you are uncertain about which bridesmaids jewelry to select, choose pearls. Pearls are always stylish, match up with all colors and necklines, and always create an air of loveliness and style. Even faux pearls can look stylish and complement a bridesmaid’s gown well!

6. Match up jewelry with personalities

It is important to consider personality of the bridesmaids, when selecting jewelry. For example, a White Pearl Bridal Jewelry Set including a necklace with huge faux pearls and shiny faux rhinestones may be perfect for women with outgoing personalities. However, such jewelry may be too flashy for other bridesmaids. When selecting jewelry for bridesmaids, make sure that the women feel both lovely and confident when wearing the pieces.

While the role of bridesmaids has changed throughout the years, their alliance with the bride has not. Choosing the perfect jewelry for bridesmaids will complement the bride, and will probably earn compliments!