An Open Letter on Behalf of Junk Drawers All over the place

Psst psst… hello! It truly is me, your soiled small secret and magical hiding place

Psst psst… hello! It truly is me, your soiled small secret and magical hiding place for all items miscellaneous. I am that drawer in your house that appears ordinary from afar, but after I’m opened, my true shambled mess begins to display. I am in fact your junk drawer, or drawer complete of random sh*t, if you will.

Now, I am not creating you to embarrass you or phone you out. In simple fact, junk drawers are very popular in homes and can exist any where from the den to the bedroom to the basement. Whilst junk drawer contents differ for each household, generally they comprise items like pens and pencils, lackluster cash, sticky notes with random scribblings, a variety of applications, paper clips, and so forth.

Anyway, we need to converse ASAP. Below goes it: Your shenanigans are acquiring out of hand. You’re obviously choosing favorites when it will come to all the drawers in this house. And my interiors are decaying from continuing to hold all your random clutter.

What I’m hoping to say is that you have a inclination to dump all of your stuff in me—and actually none of these items ever logically connect to just one one more! Now, I am keeping a pack of birthday candles, some nuts and bolts, an old key, an expired Mattress, Tub & Over and above 20% off coupon, and a couple of other points that I don’t even want to discuss about.

If you couldn’t inform by now: I am upset. I see how you handle the other drawers: the silverware drawer, the dresser drawers, the jewelry drawers, the submitting cabinet drawers, the bedside table drawers. You spoil them silly with extravagant linings or classy organizational remedies. Not only that, but they have apparent-lower identities and usually know what to be expecting each time you pull them open up! In the meantime, I stay in concern. Who knows what you’re likely to toss in (or choose absent from me) future?

I just… want what they have: firm, an identity, and to seem rather (significantly, would it eliminate you to wipe the ink stains inside of me?) Also, I want to be loaded with things that basically relate to just one an additional.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, may I offer some suggestions on how you can make this proper? Probably you could convert me into a stationary source drawer, an arts and crafts drawer, an essential doc drawer, a vitamin drawer—the opportunities are truly infinite! Just you should do a thing with me. I am exhausted of remaining a placeholder for items you should most likely trash but for some explanation require to cling on to. Actually, perhaps you should hit Marie Kondo up?

Now, if you have no curiosity in allowing me develop into a themed drawer and would like to retain my inventory as is, then I have a compromise. You can go on to retailer all your various tiny doodads and knick-knacks inside of of me if you can concur to actually arrange my contents — and preserve it organized.

If that all sounds good to you and you are all set to commence your junk drawer organizational journey, I’ve still left my wishlist of drawer organizers down underneath. TBH, you could probably find the money for at the very least a single of these chic organizers just by counting up all the spare cash that are sitting deep within me. Arranging me will never just strengthen my life, anyway. I consider you are going to begin to like this new program of understanding in which anything is, far too!

P.S. explain to my cousin the junk closet that I said hello.

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